For the first time in a long time (aside from those pesky Twin Peaks episodes that you didn't care about), we return to TV land and talk about an old classic from the TGIF days, STEP BY STEP.  It's every parent's dream to have a 24-year-old creep living in a van in their driveway agressively pursuing their 16-year-old daughter!  And folks, it's hilarious!  Also, Steve Urkel appears.

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After a brief holiday hiatus, we're back!  This week we discuss one of the greatest American films of the 1970s, THE LAST PICTURE SHOW.  It may be black & white, but don't let that fool you.  This film has everything that the Greatest Moments podcast loves!  Plus, plenty of dirt road sweeping. 

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Buzz, your girlfriend!  Woof!


We still feel like we shortchanged the listeners a bit during our massive Greatest October in the History of Forever celebration (we originally wanted to do at least one more episode during that stretch), so we're giving you a horrorific Christmas present now!  It's SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, which, somehow, was one of the most controversial films of the 1980s.  Honestly, we don't really see an issue with Santa hunting people down with an ax, but hey, that's just us.  It's a fun, wild ride and we seriously encourage everyone to check this epsiode out, even if you're unfamiliar with the flick.

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Happy Holidays!


In our latest listner request, Matt hates his sister's movie pick and Zach has justification to talk about his decade-plus long crush on Anna Faris.  That's right, we're talking THE HOUSE BUNNY.  Wow, a lot has changed in the world since 2008.  

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Listener Request courtesy of Brittany


We conclude our massive Twin Peaks conversation and we're pretty sure we're the only ones who care.


For our fourth listener request, we discuss a super influential movie in our lives, HIGH FIDELITY.  Top 5 lists, record collecting, relationship angst and John Cusack?  What more could you have possibly asked for in the early 2000s?  We really had a good time breaking this one down, so check it out!

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Listener Request courtesy of Lindsay


Wouldn’t it be weird if you were in love with your adopted sister?  We discuss one of our favorite movies ever, THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and get lost in the world of Wes Anderson. 

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One time we drove all the way to New Jersey so that Zach could meet a professional wrestler.  We also traveled nearly the length of the state to see Knight of Cups in the theater.  It was quite a trip!


Continuing with the listener requests, we go over Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY - from the film's troubled release up to it's lasting relevancy in today's world.  Also, Maya Rudolph is off-the-charts stunning in this movie!

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Listener request courtesy of Josh


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