We finish our mammoth discussion on INCEPTION, including our thoughts on the ending of the film and some of the theories about what it all means.  Spoiler alert: We don't know.

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A podcast within a podcast within a podcast... Maybe it's all a dream.  This is truly one of our most ambitious undertakings and we hope we can live up to the challenge.  This is part 1 of our discussion on INCEPTION, Christopher Nolan's 2010 mind-bending masterpiece.  A film so complex, it took us 2 episodes to do it justice. Part 2 will be available next week.

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In a shocking turn of events, we discuss a foreign language classic, Luis Bunuel's 1967 film BELLE DE JOUR.  Starring the beautiful Catherine Deneuve, the film tells the story of a frigid young housewife who can't seem to shake her masochistic fantasies and then decides to spend her afternoons as a prostitute.  So yeah, a lot for us to talk about here.

This is the latest edition of what we are now calling THE CRITERION CLUB - yet another podcast within a podcast here at The Greatest Moments in the History of Forever.  But fear not, we return to more mainstream fare next week.

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Christmas break.  LA.  1987.  Your best friend slept with your girlfriend and also now owes $50,000 to a drug deal/pimp.  Your girlfriend (or is she your ex?) is acting weird.  No one seems to care about anything.  It's time to talk about LESS THAN ZERO.

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This week we talk about a special 90's movie near and dear to our hearts, SPECIES.  Join us for a very special episode where we get to talk about the beautiful Natasha Henstridge, alien DNA stuff, multiple Oscar winners, murdering children, underground caves and so much more!

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An episode at least one year in the making!  We discuss our increasing levels of appreciation for Quentin Tarantino's 3rd directorial effort, JACKIE BROWN, as well as our love for all things Pam Grier, the "hang out" nature of the film and the controversy that surrounds QT's choice of language in his movies. It's a huge episode, so don't miss out!

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We return to the squared circle once again and give our thoughts on Ronda Rousey's WWE debut, a 7-hour wrestling show, the state of "the business," and every else that went down this past weekend at the Showcase of the Immortals, WRESTLEMANIA!

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HEY YOU GUYS!  It's been a long time coming, but we finally get to talk about THE GOONIES!  Does when you first saw the film impact your overall feelings on it today?  What's the deal with the Octupus and the other deleted scenes?  Why are teenage dudes getting together with their buddies and driving out to an isolated wishing well to pass the time?  Remember, Goonies never say die!

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We cram all of season 1 of Netflix's THE END OF THE F***ING WORLD into one jam-packed episode!  We discuss psychopaths, bad families, Sonic Youth album covers and make references to old Charlie Sheen movies that no one cares about - We do it all!  Plus, we discuss our feelings on the show's ambiguous ending. 

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First, we recap this year's Oscars just a bit and make the stunning realization that old people used to be young.  After that, we break down SLACKERS, a forgotten comedy from the early 2000s starring Jason Segel and bunch of other people who disappeared immediately after filming wrapped.  This is definitely the last listener request for a while.

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Listener request courtesy of Justin.


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